anytime, anywhere training that works

Illinois Pro Services designs and builds engaging, effective, high-quality online learning for a wide range of industries. We work with you to craft a custom solution to meet your specific requirements.

While we mostly use Articulate 360 (mainly Storyline and Rise), Camtasia, and PowerPoint, we can work with whatever technologies you prefer. We have experience with Vyond, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, Lectora, uPerform, and other training development tools.

Additionally, we can ensure that the content produced will work with your learning management system (LMS) of choice. And, if accessibility considerations (such as Section 508 and closed captioning) are a requirement for your training, we will take care of that too.

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designing effective training

Just "throwing training at the problem" is not an answer. There must be needs analysis, audience analysis, and requirements gathering to determine what's actually needed. In fact, before anything is designed, it must be confirmed that a training intervention is actually necessary.

Illinois Pro Services can help. Our team of experienced instructional designers can work with you to find the best solution for your unique situation. We keep in mind all the aspects of your requirements: learning objectives, timeline, budget, audience, and technology.

If you have your own instructional designers, we can also work with them to help with any overflow work you may have. Above all, we prioritize timely, meaningful communication on every project. 



Technical documentation is only good if it's understandable to the person reading it. Illinois Pro Services has extensive experience in making complex subject matter understandable to end users.

Whether you already have documentation you'd like to improve or are starting from scratch, we'll work with you to get it to the accurate, readable, final state you're looking for.

Also, whatever technology you prefer is fine. We are experienced with not only Word and PowerPoint, but also SharePoint, Confluence, PDFs, and content management systems. 

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VISUAL COMMUNICATION to reinforce your message

Illinois Pro Services has helped many clients improve the look and feel of their training and documentation. Whether it's redesigning older PowerPoints or creating new visuals, our graphics team can provide just what you need.

Having worked with many Fortune 100 clients, we understand the importance of adhering to branding requirements. If you have a style guide and branding guidelines, we will work within them.

We generally use the tools within Adobe Creative Cloud. However, if there are other tools you prefer to work in, we would be happy to discuss.


Professional Narration

Illinois Pro Services can bring your online training to life with professional voiceover. We can provide the right voice to connect with your audience, effectively conveying what they need to know about the subject matter. 

Additionally, we can help with script-writing. If you have technical content that may be challenging for learners to understand, we can work with your subject matter experts to put it into more user-friendly language.

Already have audio you wish to use? Great! We can edit that, as needed, for the training you would like to develop. 


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